Why Asian Wrestling Championships is significant for 2020 Olympics

While Vinesh Phogat, Bajrang Punia, Ravi Kumar Dahiya and Deepak Punia are as of now qualified to hook at the 2020 Olympics, the competition will fill in as an additional motivator for other Indian grapplers.

Joined World Wrestling, the game’s administering body, has esteemed that exhibition at the competition will influence the world rankings and be considered for qualification for the 2020 Olympics.

The Indian grapplers will would like to perform well and intrigue the WFI enough to place themselves in conflict to be in the Indian unforeseen for the Asian qualifiers, set to be held in March.

Asian qualifiers

Timetable for Asian Wrestling Championships 2020

The competition will see two days of activity for every one of the Greco-Roman, ladies’ free-form and men’s free-form occasions. The capability adjusts, repechage round and finals for five weight classes will be hung on one day, with a similar timetable to be followed for five other weight classifications the following day.

The Greco-Roman sessions will be hung on February 18 and 19, trailed by the ladies’ free-form on February 20 and 21, with the men’s free-form booked for February 22 and 23. The draws for every one of the occasions will happen a day prior to they start.

Indian squad:

Greco-Roman: Arjun Halakurki (55kg), Gyanendra (60kg), Sachin Rana (63kg), Ashu (67kg), Aditya Kundu (72kg), Sanjan Bhanwal (77kg), Harpreet Singh (82kg), Sunil Kumar (87kg), Hardeep Singh (97kg), Naveen (103kg).

Ladies’ Wrestling: Nirmala Devi (50kg), Vinesh Phogat (53kg), Pinki (55kg), Anshu Malik (57kg), Sarita Mor (59kg), Sonam Malik (62kg), Sakshi Malik (65kg), Divya Kakran (68kg), Gursharan Preet Kaur (72kg), Kiran Bishnoi (76kg).

Free-form: Ravi Kumar (57kg), Rahul Aware (61kg), Bajrang Punia (65kg), Naveen (70kg), Jitender Kumar (74kg), Gourav Baliyan (79kg), Deepak Punia (86kg), Satywart Kadian (97kg), Sombir (92kg), Sumit Malik (125kg).

Where you can watch the Asian Wrestling Championships 2020

Finals of the considerable number of occasions of the Asian Wrestling Championships will be communicated on Star Sports First and fans can likewise live stream the competition on Hotstar and wrestlingtv.in.

Indian squad


(GR = Greco-Roman, WW = Women’s Wrestling, FS = Freestyle Wrestling, Time = IST)

Tuesday, February 18

11:30 AM – Qualification (GR 55-63-77-87-130kg)

2:00 PM – Semifinal (GR 55-63-77-87-130kg)

3:00 PM – Repechage (GR 55-63-77-87-130kg)

6:00 PM – Final (GR 55-63-77-87-130kg)

Wednesday, February 19

11:30 AM – Qualification (GR 60-67-72-82-97kg)

2:00 PM – Semifinal (GR 60-67-72-82-97kg)

3:00 PM – Repechage (GR 60-67-72-82-97kg)

6:00 PM – Final (GR 60-67-72-82-97kg)

Thursday, February 20

11:30 AM – Qualification (WW 50-55-59-68-76kg)

2:00 PM – Semifinal (WW 50-55-59-68-76kg)

3:00 PM – Repechage (WW 50-55-59-68-76kg)

6:00 PM – Final (WW 50-55-59-68-76kg)

Friday, February 21

11:30 AM – Qualification (WW 53-57-62-65-72kg)

2:00 PM – Semifinal (WW 53-57-62-65-72kg)

3:00 PM – Repechage (WW 53-57-62-65-72kg)

6:00 PM – Final (WW 53-57-62-65-72kg)

Saturday, February 22

11:30 AM – Qualification (FS 57-65-70-79-97kg)

2:00 PM – Semifinal (FS 57-65-70-79-97kg)

3:00 PM – Repechage (FS 57-65-70-79-97kg)

6:00 PM – Final (FS 57-65-70-79-97kg)

Sunday, February 23

11:30 AM – Qualification (FS 61-74-86-92-125kg)

2:00 PM – Semifinal (FS 61-74-86-92-125kg)

3:00 PM – Repechage (FS 61-74-86-92-125kg)

6:00 PM – Final (FS 61-74-86-92-125kg)


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